Laser alignment of bores and bearings in engines, gearboxes, compressors, turbines, and pumps. Steam turbine internal alignment services, steam path, bearing bore, and diaphragm alignment of large steam turbines as well as bore alignment of diesel engines including bearings, camshaft, and …, and gas turbines including casings, bearings and all other internal component like adjustment of inlet casing to compressor casing to nozzle support ring and turbine shell to exhaust, and correction of bearing slope in large gas turbines. Compressor alignment including crosshead guides, and crankshaft bores. Marine propulsion alignment services various applications including propeller drive line, sterntube bearing journals alignment in long distances and thrust bearing, gearbox. Alignment reference to sterntube or gearboxes. Alignment of cutless bearings. Finding reference mark points for new installation. Installing sterntube and other bearings to as found reference line. Deck target surveys and measurement of engine components including camshaft and crankshaft bores showing each bearing angle to the center line. Rudder alignment with an approved precision. Finding a reference line in rudder line. Paralleling the reference line to the rudder stock flange. Boring bar alignment.